with your pilot id or email.

Rules in english

1. A member of the company must be at least 15 years of age and we hope the applicant will be fluent in Finnish, but this is not mandatory.

1.1. A pilot is required to have a satisfactory English language skill if he/she intends to operate on IVAO / VATSIM networks.

2. A member must provide the company with his / her correct identity and contact details, for example e-mail / Skype / Messenger / WhatsApp / Phone number.

3. A member must own a legitimate version of the FS9 / FSX / P3D / X Plane Simulator. Other simulators are not supported.

4. A new pilot must perform their first flight within a week after being accepted as a member of the company. If the pilot is unable to perform his/her first flight

within the given time, he/she is required to immediately inform Biggles VA staff.

5. Before the first flight, the pilot must familiarize himself/herself with Biggles VA's operating methods.

5.1. If they deem it necessary, the pilot may request training for the type of aircraft he/she wants to fly, for virtual networks such as IVAO / VATSIM,

or for the company's operating methods.

6. The members of the company shall strive to act in a professional manner in all situations, as well as

show respect and good manners towards other members of the company.

6.1. The pilot must follow the operating procedures of the company and the aircraft operating methods.

6.2. The landing performation FPM max is -850 fpm. Values bigger than this will be rejected automatically.

6.3. All dangerous situations, action and procedural errors and other abnormal situations and other

events worth mentioning during flights must be reported to the company.

6.4. While flying on IVAO / VATSIM the members of the company must respect other pilots,

follow the ATC guidelines, and generally remember "Good Airmanship".

7. The company's information channels are: Facebook, Skype, Messenger, Whatsup, TS3, and

Google services that the members receive from Biggles VA staff.

8. Each member of the company is obligated to declare any affiliations with other VA companies.

This means flights and other responsibilities for other companies that may hinder the member from operating for Biggles VA.

9. Transferring flight hours from previous companies is not possible.

10. Publishing and handing over internal company material to third parties is prohibited and

leads to the immediate removal of the member from Biggles VA.


Biggles Virtual Airline HQ Team