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Live map

Next flight departures

Flightcode Dep - Arr Aircraft Duration
BGG351F EDDT - EFHK A319 2h 0min
BGG349F LGRP - EFHK B752 4h 0min
BGG377F LGST - EFHK B752 4h 0min
BGG8025 TNCC - TNCM MD82 1h 30min
BGG125H EFVA - EFHK E190 1h 0min
BGG8014 TNCM - TBPB AT75 1h 30min
BGG402H EFHK - VHHH B77W 12h 15min
BGG6009 OERK - OMDB B77W 1h 30min
BGG6008 OMDB - OERK B77W 1h 30min
BGG33E EGCC - EFHK A319 2h 45min
BGG8002 TNCM - TNCS C172 0h 30min
BGG124V EFHK - EFVA E190 1h 0min
BGG5007 KMCI - KDFW B738 22h 55min
BGG5000 KDFW - KMIA B738 2h 15min
BGG801F TNCM - EFHK B77W 11h 30min
BGG216N EFHK - ENBR A320 1h 45min
BGG5009 KABQ - KDFW B738 1h 30min
BGG6010 OMDB - OEJN B77W 2h 25min
BGG322T EFHK - LTAI A321 4h 0min
BGG384G EFHK - LGPA B752 4h 0min